Triphala Herbs

by Ayurveda Therapist on July 3, 2011

Triphala= 3 Fruits
Phala= Fruits
• Triphala also means Vara (blessing)

Triphala is made from 3 Herbs:
1. Amalaki – Phyllanthus Embilicus/ Embilica Officinalis (Dry Gooseberry)
2. Harithki – Termialia Chebula (Purging Nut)
3. Vibhithaki – Terminalia Bellerica (Bellerican nut)
• These three taken together in equal parts offer rejuvenation and have anti-aging and antioxidant properties.

Amalaki (Dhatri) – Brings love and affection

Part Used – Fruit Shell
Rasa – Sour predominant, sweet, bitter, astringent, pungent
Virya – Cooling (decrease pitta)
Vipaka – Sweet (decrease vata, decrease pitta)
Action on Dosha – (decrease pitta and vata, increase kapha). Very good for Pitta conditions.
Uses – It is a highly rejuvenating herb which reverses the aging process. It is the best rasayana (rejuvenation) for pitta, it is useful in eye diseases, heart diseases, hyperacidity, hair growth, diabetes, and other immunological disorders.
Mode of Administration –
• Juice from fresh berry.
• Dry Powder- 1-2 teaspoons with ghee (pitta, vata), honey (kapha), or hot water (V, P, K)

Harithaki (Abhaya/Vijaya) – “Which removes the fear”

Parts Used – Fruit shell
Rasa – Astringent predominant, bitter, pungent, sour, sweet
Virya – Hot is potency (decrease vata and kapha)
Vipaka – Sweet (decrease vata and pitta)
Action on Dosha – (decrease vata, pitta, and kapha)
Uses – it is the best medicine for purifying the body. It digests Ama, removes excess kapha, and normalizes the movement of vata in the body. It is useful in skin diseases, anemia, respiratory disease, hiccups, non-bleeding hemorrhoids, diabetes, and edema. Useful for constipation.
Mode of Administration –
• Give along with other herbs (laxative when given alone)

Vibhithaki (Aksha) – “Eyes”

Part Used – Fruit shell
Rasa – Astringent
Virya – Cooling (decrease pitta)
Vipaka – Pungent (decrease kapha)
Action on Dosha – (decrease kapha and pitta, increase vata)
Uses – It is useful in eye disease and respiratory disease
Mode of Administration –
• Powder – 2 teaspoons with hot water.

General Uses of Triphala in Different Conditions:

Note: May be taken everyday for whole life or as needed.
1. Constipation/Detox –
Take one teaspoon Triphala powder with a glass of hot water at bedtime. (try ½ teaspoon then ¾ teaspoon first and full dosage only if needed)
• It helps to relieve constipation.
2. Eye Disorders –
Take one teaspoon Triphala powder with honey (kapha) or ghee (vatta, pitta) per oral at bedtime.
• This helps to prevent eye disease and improves vision.
3. Mouth Ulcers –
Take 2 tsp. Triphala powder in a glass of hot water and do mouth wash (hold and mouth and swish around 2-3 minutes).
• This helps to heal mouth ulcers due to astringent taste.
4. Rejuvenation –
Boosts immunity, reverses aging process. Take ½ tsp Triphala powder with ghee (VP), honey (K) to prepare paste and take after lunch and dinner for rejuvenation.
5. Obesity and Diabetes –
Preparation of Triphala Kashaya/ Kashayam (decoction)
I. If you take raw drugs as such (ie. Dried fruit shell)
• Use 1:16 ratio of raw drug to water → boil it until it reduces to ¼ → filtered portion is kashaya
II. If you take raw drugs in powder form
• Use 1:8 ratio of powder to water → boil it until it reduces to ¼ → filtered portion is kashava
Dosage: 10ml- 15 ml Kashava. 10ml kashava + 60 ml warm water. Take internally at 6am and 5pm on an empty stomach. For gangrene ulcer and diabetic ulcer prepares soaks or soak ulcer in tub of mixture)

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