Tips for Eating Healthy

by Ayurveda Therapist on July 5, 2011

Top 10 Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Eating:

1. Eat healthy, homemade, freshly prepared, warm food. Food is best when freshly prepared; it should be wholesome, nutritious, and should taste good. Avoid reheated or stale food. Most of one’s food should be cooked, as the body can more easily absorb cooked food. Raw food should be eaten only as a side dish such as a salad.

2. Cook with love and compassion. Through mindful and loving food preparation, we share what’s in our heart with the hearts of others. When our hearts are compassionate and mindful, cooking becomes a means of cultivating these qualities within ourselves and spreading the nourishing energy to others.

3. Have pleasant talks, light music, and friendly conversations OR observe silence while eating food. (increases sensations and awareness). Sit quietly for 5-10 minutes at the end of each meal

4. Keep your dining room warm, well decorated, and pleasant. Candles. Eat in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. While eating you should not read, work or watch television. Always sit down to eat.

5. Eat after your guests, guru, small children, elderly people, and pregnant ladies. The intention is to serve.

6. Make provisions for those that help you at home, pets, neighbors, and wildlife before you have your food. Especially feed birds as they have a higher consciousness.

7. Eat according to your prakruti. Make use of culinary spices. They not only make the food tasty, but support the digestive processes as well. Include all 6 tastes in each meal: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent. The tastes also have their own influence on the subtle inner balance of the physiology.

8. Avoid eating between meals. Instead drink hot water, or if necessary eat ripe sweet fruit.

9. In the evening avoid heavy foods such as meat, fish, yoghurt, cheese, buttermilk and fromage frais.

10. Do not over eat. After eating, the stomach should be only up to 3/4 full.
Eat only when genuinely hungry and when your last meal is fully digested (about 3-6 hours after a main meal).

Top 3 Ayurvedic Tips for Drinking:

1. During meals you may sip liquids such as water, juice or lassi. Do not drink a lot and avoid ice-cold drinks – they dampen down the digestive processes.

2.Milk should not be drunk during the main meal. It can be taken alone or with a light meal of sweet tasting foods such as toast and cereals.

3. Drinking hot water regularly is a classical Ayurvedic recommendation for balancing Vata and Kapha doshas, strengthening digestive power, and reducing metabolic waste (Ama) that may have accumulated.

To prepare water boil 4-8 cups of tap water in a saucepan, uncovered for at least 10 minutes. Maintain the heat of the water by containing it in a thermos. Sip on the water throughout the day. To increase the healing effect of the water, add a few slices of fresh ginger or a pinch of ginger powder for Pitta to the water.

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