How to Make Ghee

by Ayurveda Therapist on December 6, 2011

Ghee or clarified butter is highly regarded in Ayurveda as it is balancing for all doshas. It is considered to be a very satvic food. It is commonly used in Indian recipes to replace oil for frying as it as a high burn temperature making it highly versatile.

The process of making ghee is heating butter to remove the salts, water, and other impurities leaving only the pure ghee butter. Find out more in the video below!

Steps to Make Ghee:
You will need one pound of organic unsalted butter and a medium-sized sauce pan.

1. Melt the butter and bring it to a boil. Allow the butter to simmer on medium heat (a low boil) and separate it will start to separate so that the the white froth accumulates on top while some sediment settles to the bottom.

2. When the bubbling noise grows quiet (after about 20 minutes)you will notice that the sediment at the bottom of the pan is a golden brown and the liquid under the froth is an amber color. The aroma is that of freshly baked croissants. These signs indicate to turn off the heat as the the water has evaporated and you risk burning your ghee. Leave the cooked ghee to cool until warm and then discard the sediment.

3. The ghee will become solid when cooled and be yellow to amber in color.

Note: When exposed to heat, ghee melts rapidly. Ghee can be left out of the fridge and is said to get better with age (up to a year).

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