Floracopeia Essential Oils for Pitta

by Ayurveda Therapist on July 28, 2011

Floracopeia Essential Oil Blend for Pitta:
Essential oils are regarded for their healing wisdom. The oils bring balance into the body through the sense of smell. Certain essential oils are better suited for you depending on your doshas. For example, the rose essential oil is calming to Pitta dosha with its ability to pacify the emotional heart.

Floracopeia offers a Pitta Essential Oil Blend that is deeply cooling, calming and purifying. It helps to pacify emotions of anger and decreases judgmental thinking. The Pitta Blend soothes, calms, and cools a heated body, mind or nervous system. The perfect essential oil for a Pitta type is both relaxing and promotes an uplifting mood that can balance a strong focus and ambitious mind. This floral Pitta Blend is perfect to attenuate workaholic tendencies. If you are someone who is susceptible to going out of balance to a state of anger or irritability try Pitts Blend for its sublimely calming and cooling benefits.

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Floracopeia Essential Oils

When used regularly, the Floracopeia Pitta Essential Oil Blend can bring even the fieriest Pittas into balance. It is also a beneficial oil for children to improve their attention spans and promote amiable moods. The Pitta Blend is delightfully sweet, floral, and delicately herbaceous.

Use the Pitta Blend for direct palm inhalation when you’re feeling overdriven and headed for burnout. This method will help to curtail this feeling and allow a sense of calm and peacefulness to balance the forward motion drive. The Pitta Blend is also useful when feeling physically or mentally heated. On a hot summer day, this blend can be diffused in the home to create a calming and cooling environment. After a workout, enjoy a cooling shower with the oil blend diffused in the bathroom. This is extremely refreshing. Or, for the morning commute, place a couple drops of the oil blend onto the dashboard to create a relaxing atmosphere and decrease any tension while driving.

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