Ayurveda Aromatherapy

by Ayurveda Therapist on July 5, 2011

Ayurvedic Essential Oils

Ayurvedic aromatherapy is utilized as a complement to the diet and lifestyle choices used to balance the doshas and sub-doshas in Ayurveda. Using naturally-scented essential oils or perfumes brings freshness, charm, and joy. It provides vitality to the body and improves self-esteem. There are many options for essential oils available on the market but from my experience, Floracopeia is the leading brand on the market in terms of high quality, dependable products, and the pure joy of using these exceptional oils.

Check out the Aromatherapy Oils Available for your Dosha:

Aromatherapy for Vata – Amber or Hina.
Aromatherapy for Pitta – Sandalwood, Jasmine or Khus.
Aromatherapy for Kapha – Amber or Musk.

Essential oils are either heating or cooling to the body. For example, blue chamomile is cooling and thyme is heating. As such, thyme increases pitta, whereas blue chamomile would decrease Pitta. Neutral oils such as lavender act to balance the body and either cool or warm the body depending on the need.

Floracopeia Essential Oils

Another classification of Ayurvedic oils are the wetness or dryness of an oil. Examples of wet oils include geranium and rose oils which have high polarity and mix well with water. Dry oils, including citrus oils and pine oils, have a low polarity and tend to float on the surface of water. Dry oils would increase Vata whereas wet oils will act to bring Vata into balance. Lavender is an example of a neutral oil that is good for balancing wet or dry qualities.

Floracopeia essential oils are world-renowned for their quality. The products they sell are top of the line including many speciality oils that delight the olfactory senses. Floracopeia presents a wide range of options from unique blends specific for your dosha or constitution to seasonal oils or oils to suit your mood and bring balance to your body and mind. Some of their oils are unique in the way that they are and aromatic medicines we are able to present more oils that are are unusual and special in many ways.

Try Floracopeia Essential Oils Now!

Floracopeia Essential Oils

Many of the Floracopeia oils are distilled exclusively for Floracopeia. Other oils have been sourced from small distillers that they support important ecological projects. Many of the Floracopeia oils use unique botanical products that are only newly presented to the market and exclusively available from Floracopeia. I recommend that you try their products for yourself to experience the high quality oils that can brighten and heighten your senses.

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