About Ayurveda Therapist

Welcome to Ayurveda Therapist! You may already be familiar with Ayurveda or perhaps you are just starting to learn about this ancient medicine. Either way, you will find a depth of information on this site that is accessible and useful for everyone. Included in this site are avenues to health from lifestyle recommendations to an ayurvedic diet specific to meet your needs. It is important that you take your time and go slowly with any diet or lifestyle style changes. To make lasting sustainable changes to your health it takes time and dedication. Otherwise, it just becomes another passing diet fad.

Ayurveda is different. It is grounded as a 5,000 year old knowledge system that has survived this long because it works. In fact, as more and more people search for solutions to long-lasting health concerns, Ayurveda is seeing a massive resurgence of interest. Similar to the popularization of Yoga in the Western world, Ayurveda appears to be following this path as many are already seeing the powerful difference this sage medicine can provide.

Where Can I Find An Ayurveda Therapist?
Ayurvedic practitioners are available in most Western countries, although their skills and education will vary depending on the school they attended. Some standardization will emerge as it becomes more popular and is eventually required to have a license to practice. For now, however, it is best to ensure that the practitioner has graduated from a reputable Ayurvedic school and comes recommended within the community. The other option, aside from seeking help locally, is to experience Ayurveda from the source, India. With practitioners graduating from qualified and historically recognized Ayurvedic degree programs, the experience and depth of Ayurveda in India is yet to exist elsewhere. In India, Ayurvedic doctors work together with Ayurvedic Therapists to devise a treatment plan. The therapist provides the massage, steam, and oleation treatments whereas the Ayurvedic doctor prescribes the herbal remedies and advices the client on lifestyle changes.

Ayurveda and Transformative Health:
Transformation of the body to a healthier, more balanced state is the aim of Ayurveda which uses the principles of the 3 doshas to guide the healing changes. In Ayurveda, the root cause of any issue is addressed rather than simply treating the symptoms as is often the case in Western Medicine. Ayurveda considers the importance of understanding the why, how, and exploring the nuances of your health in order to make lasting, sustainable changes to your health. Because of this notion, Ayurveda emphasizes the practice of Yoga and meditation in conjunction with herbal medicines and therapeutic massages. The result is a comprehensive approach to wellness that is is holistic in nature.

Please Note:
This site is designed to help you navigate the world of Ayurveda. You will find information on Ayurveda benefits and uses as well as the origin and guiding principle of Ayurveda.

The information provided on this site is solely for informational purposes. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. The content presented on this website is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any disease or illness. For further information please seek in-person guidance from a medical or ayurvedic professional.